Loren & Elvira

Natacha Donzé, Giulia Essyad, Anna Heck,
Loren Kagny, Emmeline Lüthy, Nicolas Nahornyj,
Amélie Peterli, Sabrina Röthlisberger,
Viktor Tibay, Gaia Vincensini

20th november to 12nd December 2015
M J, Geneva

Would the bats still fly around the house at dusk?,
Natacha Donzé & Viktor Tibay,
2015, wood, paint

Queendom Insomnia,
Viktor Tibay & Loren Kagny,
2015, print on fabric, fabric, embroidery, bamboo

The Secret,
Amélie Peterli,
2015, 10'00" video loop
with selected Lana Del Rey lyrics and Art Deco intro loop

sweet + fav seed,
Loren Kagny,
2015, honey, sesame oil and sesame seeds on mirror

Jardin d'automne,
Sabrina Röthlisberger,
2015, stool for cakes and song;
words by Elvira on wood, metal

Gaia Vincensini,
2015, indian ink, gold leaf, copper leaf on porcelain;
replica of the flowers Gaia brought to our last night at the Gai-Rivage Hotel

silver hours,
Loren Kagny,
2015, paint and fabric on wood,
featuring arctic council logo and my angel

do you believe in magic ?,
Loren Kagny,
2015, fabric embroidery,
success key gifted by Amélie

marroni closet,
Loren Kagny,
2015, chocolate, eggs, sugar,
wood, paint

Emmeline Lüthy & Anna Heck,
2015, drawings engraved on glass cups,
infused mallow flowers Giulia found near our house with purifying crystal,
pink clover infusion brought from China by Sabrina with purifying crystal

Under Eighteen,
Natacha Donzé,
2015, paint on canvas

Giulia Essyad,
2015, poems picked by Loren on origami swans; paper

based on a story nobody read,
Loren Kagny,
2015, ceramic, paper, ribbons

pictures by Loren Kagny & Giulia Essyad, 2015